Thursday, 11 September 2008

Countdown!! - Not the program but Bid for Freedom

I have been having one of those really bad weeks. By trade I am a mobile book keeper / accountant / Quickbooks trainer / dogsbody etc, and this week I have been trying to sort out quite a few major problems for a client - Not fun !!!

So I have resorted to a bit of future planning, but thinking about 9 year ahead seems almost a lifetime away, so I thought, being handy with numbers, I would try other ways so here you are

I have 9 years and 10 months, or 118 months, or 511 weeks. I did not go down to days as that number was t0o large.

I quite like 118 months, the number's not too large. By then the mortgage will be paid, the daughter will be 21 and probably conquering the world and me and hubbie can then enter our second childhood, and leave responsible adulthood behind. Well everyone thinks we are mad to be doing this.

Now that seems better, I'll be a good girl and run along to work now

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Return of the Jedi (actually windblown, rust stained woman)

I have been poked into re starting my blog. I apologise greygal for the gap, but I spend so much time reading everyone elses, mine always seems a bit boring.

But we have been on "Holiday". Now for most the word holiday brings forth images of sun, drink, food etc. For us it means wind blown, wet, cold, wet, very cold, wet, very very cold, a bit of sun too fool us, then, ..... you guessed it WET.

Did we mind, did we complain, NO WE DID NOT. The fact that we had actually manged to leave the real world behind for a while and just potter around up the Kennet and Avon as far as Newbury and back again. To pretend that is was forever was more than enough

When asked where did you go on holiday, and we reply Devices, Hungerford, Newbury we get a sideways glance and (in my case from a few friends). Are you sure you are alright now?

I hope to blog about our trip and the Bristol Regatta over the next few weeks, but there is slight problem.

Although I took the computer, printed out many Log pages to diligently fill in, Camera plus little printer to print out the many photos I was going to take, I actually wrote Sod All!!! I hang my head in shame. It is still all in my head.

Some headings to tease you with:

Teaching the Dog to Swim (falling off plank)

Teaching the Dog to walk the sides of the boat (dog falling in)

Dog refusing to leave or board boat unless carried due to phobia of water because of several dunkings.

Training sessions with many novice crews (including the ones who thought we would operate all of the Cain Flight for them)

Determined sitting out on an evening wrapped in blankets, jumpers and coats because I had promised myself I would etc

I think you get the idea - You may wish I never started!!

I have to actually get some of the events passed Deputy Editor (husband) and Deputy Deputy Editor (Daughter).

Anyway, must dash, daughter just returned from School and I have to get the canteen working and the taxi out of drive!!