Monday, 14 July 2008

Work, Work, Work

The boat had another weekend of lavish love poured upon her. Well that's what I kept saying to make it all seem worthwhile.

We are now bearing the scars to prove it. Bruises, strains and pains. Although my husband started below par and finished even lower !!!

All cables are now nearly encased, on more set underneath the built in cupboard.

Fuel Stove re blacked - boy that is a messy job and one I always seem to end up with.

Dog kennel - he does not like beds, he likes a cave to go into so I have to cover his collapsable traveling kennel as it has mesh sides ( I think I am joining Caxton and Dogsontour here for the best dog hotel on the water)

Lockable fuel cap protype finished

The list goes on - and it never seems to shrink!! The more we do, the more we add.

I must also start taking photos - Before and after's you can then see the difference.

A nice thought though - I have started the shopping for the great getaway in August. I do like it when the cupboards start to fill with tins (in date ones as opposed to what I forgot to remove last year)

I can then pretend for awhile that this is forever, and not when retirement finally comes

Monday, 7 July 2008

Great Weekend!!!

You would have thought from the title that we actually managed to get out on the boat, but no (sigh) just worked. But it was very productive.

We are going away to Bristol Regatta first weekend in August. If anyone is around, please come and say hi, then our holidays for the next 3 weekends (bliss). So getting things ready.

You would have thought that the cupboards on the boat had been vented, but no. We (royal we, husband really done the job) Fitted 11 vents in all. Hopefully this will stop the cupboards welding shut, or refusing to open.

Made two Cushions for the top of the two storage cum dining chairs. Actually 2 Argos wooden laundry boxes, with new bottoms and castors. We can now sit in comfort when we eat - daughter was OK she had a proper stool.

The booster aerial arrived for the Vodaphone USB modem - While we are away have to complete some work for a few clients which entails emails etc. Set this up and tested it. The signal has improved so hopefully it will not take as long.

For the purist amongst you stop reading, the next bit will rub you the wrong way. I know in the past the working boats only had a very small stove, and I really admire the way they brought up families, but I am unable to cope at the moment, and can not afford to install and rearrange the kitchen to cope with a new oven.

I only have a very small Vanette stove on the boat. 2 rings, dolls house grill, and a microwave size oven. So cooking can be a challenge!!. After trying to get a microwave to work with a non pure sine wave inverter and getting no where, I have finally managed to compile extra equipment that will work, but this took an awful lot of testing, but I now have the use of:-

a) Bread Machine - I do love the smell of bread, but trying to cook in the above cooker means the oven becomes the bread tin. (Had two at home - Why? - no answer!!)

b) A Toaster for said bread (Bargain £3.49 at Argos)

c) A Sandwich Toaster - Cann't do cheese on toast with the dolls house grill - grill pan finds it difficult to hold even 1 piece of bread (Again bargain at Argos £4.89)

d) Steamer - I can now cook veg, potatoes and use a kettle all at the same time. (Again sat at home unused)

This may seem a bit OTT, but at home I have the use of 7 rings, 2 ovens, and a large grill. And boy do I use them all.

Another plus this weekend - set up Sat TV in 4 minutes!! - Daughter very happy.

Oh well back to work now, will try and get back down to the boat during the week.

Sometimes it feels a bit like a military campaign trying to get everything in the right place at the right time. But the end result will be more than worth it.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


I must try to blog more often. I have been reading some of the others on the net, and getting my canal fix that way. Petroc, and Dogsontour and Warrior all make good reading. Keep up the good work!

Anyway the biggest thing we have been upto lately a) a power audit (boring!!!), and b)trying to install Satellite TV (reason for power audit). Well when you have a 12 year old, and a husband who can not cope without some form of TV fix at regular intervals, it makes for a more peaceful life.

After reading, in other peoples blog, the joy of setting up I was not looking forward to this. And I am sad to say, it lived up to expectations and some. Even though we had all of the recommended kit - Kerstan mini dish, sat finder, compass. Thought I was going on an expedition!

4 hours on Saturday - No TV
3.25 hours on Sunday - Finally a signal

I do hope that it does get better, at this rate we will stopping at mid day, just to get a signal by bedtime!!!

If anyone has any hints - please please please let me know.

Also another bit of monumental news - I have finally took the plunge and bought a bike. Not the matching one to husband (Harley D), but a Trek Navigator you pedal yourself.

The Plan - Lose weight, get fit, save money

Reality - Unable to walk due to jelly legs, heart attack, and generally total collapse.

Oh well, It has only been two days, so I think I will give a few more - years maybe!!