Monday, 13 October 2008

Photos and other things

Work seems to get in the way of everything lately.

I sat down the other day and done some of my own invoicing and found that over the last 4 weeks I have invoiced out between 53 and 68 hours per week!!, but I still don't seem to any better off?

It's no wonder I am so tired, we have only manged to get out on the boat once. The other times I have gone down to her, I sat in a chair and fell asleep. Well I am over 40 you know.

I thought I would post of few pictures from the last few months. These are from the Bristol Regatta, and the day out

These are the new blue LED lights to go with the bunting:-

Here is my daughter proving that she is still my one and only baby. Ahh

And finally here is a picture of the mutt Godrick - I think it is a case of "get me out of here. I told you I don't do boats".

"OK perhaps I don't mind so much"

"By the way, where is dinner?"

Now looking all grown up steering

Guess who gets to do the locks now!!

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