Monday, 16 February 2009

Stern Doors and plans

The stern doors have now been fitted and look very nice, in retaliation the side hatch has decided to leak with vengeance over the last week. Oh well, up ward and onward.

Not boat related - but new year related I have decided that each year I want to increase my abilities. I am not built towards energetic items, but more to hobbyish things. I sew, knit, tat crochet etc, so I have decided to revisit a couple of hobbies I last done about 35 year ago. Spinning and Weaving.

Obviously all of this does relate to the boat in the sense that if I wish to continue I have to make sure items not to big for the boat. Research is fun!!

I have now chosen a wheel, a basic loom and a more advance loom. All which fold into neat bundles for the boat. I then re acquainted myself with spindle spinning. At the end I looked like the sheep and not much yarn on the spindle - Try again

Also, I thought, think of all those sheep in fields along the way, and all of the fleece I could gather from hedges, heck, could I do some clandestine sheep shearing along the way!! Probably not, I believe that could be a jailable offence!!

I know I am not the first, from a magazine I found at the weekend, there is a lady on a narrowboat called "Typsy Gypsy" who is already doing both. If anyone knows of her can you point her my way, it would be great to chat.

On the downside of all of this, I think and butty is definitely becoming a consideration!!!

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Jill and Graham said...

nothing is ever as easy as it would seem on a boat!